What are the top three questions you'd like to ask about leaving school and the next stage?

There could be any number of questions in your mind, and they're all important. But if you had to pick just three, what would they be?


  • Hello, my son is at a special school in Scotland, he has ASD, dyspraxia and other learning difficulties and health issues, he is in his 4th year at in senior school. He is very able verbally, but has severe anxiety and motor skill challenges and struggles in group settings, school has been a difficult experience since secondary school started, he has attended either very part time or not at all. My questions would be 1. Where next for him if he cannot come in traditional day centre type adult service? 2. How can we ensure he is stretched to use his intelligence, but is supported with his mental health challenges as this support is severely lacking in public services? 3. Will there be the funding to supply the additional support he needs to enable him to reach his full potential.

  • Hello juma, and thank you for posting this! I hope you found it straightforward to do? I think a lot of people will be able to identify with your questions - trying to find out what options are available for your son, how he can use his abilities and skills to the full, and where support will come from in the future. It's a good start to any discussion about transitions. What about other people reading this - are your questions the same as juma's? Are there others you'd want to add?

  • 1.can they guarantee good quality care and continuing education/communication skills.
    2.How many days would the provision be for and would we get funding to fill some of the gaps.
    3.Would transport be available.

  • Hello jaffacake and thank you for adding these! Finding the right options so young people continue to develop their skills and abilities after school has come to an end can be a challenge. Has anyone found a good way of doing this or had useful advice and support to make it happen?

  • The question from jaffacake about TRANSPORT sounds like a really important one, because how can young people make use of whatever options there are if they can't get there? It would be good to hear people's experiences of transport for your young person - do you know who to speak to about this, has anyone given you information about it, do you know anyone who's managed to solve the problem in your area?

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