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Sorry in advance if this gets long not sure where to go or what to do and cannot find any support groups. My daughter has dyspraxia and was diagnosed when she was round the age of 4. She is at high school and is in remedial classes. I tried for many years from primary up to high school to get her statemented but couldn't. I have read up in the diagnosis of dyspraxia and my daughter is all of the issues stated. Socially, loneliness. Nobody family and friends seem to understand why she is like she is and I feel frustrated at them as they seem to think she's just not as quick as other kids but I know myself that she is different from her peers at school and she gets horrible name calling and she asks why do they call me horrible names as well as why is she in classes for naughty kids when I'm not naughty. I'm not sure where to go with this as I'm stressing what will happen to her when she is older as she struggles socially and cannot really do basic maths eg, counting money.
Apologies this long but just need to talk to someone who has a child the same and I can then feel I can tell family and friends I'm not overprotective she has a condition.


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    Hi @kazza65

    Thanks for posting in Community. We're still quite a new online community but hopefully there will be some parents replying soon who can share their experiences with you. We could also look at setting up a Dyspraxia condition specific group if you think this would be helpful? In the meantime, do you have contact with the Dyspraxia Foundation? They have a parent helpline and resources that you may find really useful. They also have DF Youth that your daughter may find helpful to look at for support too.

    If you would like to find out if there are any local support groups in your area, you could give Contact a Family's freephone helpline a call on 0808 808 3555 and they can signpost you to these. Our education advisers on this line would also be helpful for you to contact about school and some of the issues your daughter is facing there too.

    I hope this is helpful and let us know about setting up the group too.

    Take care

    Alex (Contact a Family)

  • Thankyou alex for your enable.

    I was getting worried noone read my post.
    I have rang contact a family and there are no groups in my area. I have a friend whose mother works for aiming high in liverpool but my daughter will have to be referred from school.
    I am also going to make an appointment with the senco at school as she also has the signs of aspergers but now my doctorr don't refer anymore.
    I'm just feeling quite alone in this and just need some help and advice.
    Thankyou for replying and o will keep in touch with hollys progress.


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