What kind of experts would you like to hear from?

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Hi everyone,

We're hoping to invite some experts along to answer questions in the community. We'd love to hear a bit more about what kind of experts you would like to hear from. Whose brains would you like to pick? What has always confused you? Are there any areas where you just can't find the answers you need?

Do let us know here!



  • julesjules Member

    I would Love lot speak to an educational Psychologist... or Someone who can help with how pupil premium should be spent by a school.

  • Hi I would love a marfan specialist please as me and my children have it.

  • Thanks @jules and @vickisticki - really helpful to get your thoughts!

  • kjbkjb Member

    I have been struggling with my son who is 16 doing GSCEs who is dyslexic. He has not had much support as it only goes to disruptive pupils. His stress levels have been terrible. Apparently Cahms is inundated. Theses new exam rules are horrendous for dyslexic kids and I have read articles stating that dyslexics are going to fail . Considering there are so many children with this problem why is the system getting harder for them. It is ridiculous!

  • Hi @kjb thanks very much for your thoughts. You might also like to post in the Education, Health and social care topic - I'm sure other parents would like to share their experiences and advice. Hope you find the community useful,
    Take care,
    Alex (Contact a Family)

  • kjbkjb Member

    I would love to hear from an educational psychologist. I keep hearing about them yet despite all the different issues I've had with my two children never yet had a referral. The dyslexic brain I've discovered can be just as complex as the autism.

  • Hi @kjb thanks for your suggestion; that's really helpful

    Best wishes


  • I would love to speak to an epilepsy expert.


  • Chris_ContactChris_Contact Community Manager

    Thanks @chantell, stay tuned for more details!

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